Combining the Japanese characters of  ‘Yu’, meaning close friends, and ‘Zen’, meaning high quality, homemade set meals, Sushi Yuzen was created to be a cozy bento house space where friends and family can come to relax and enjoy an authentic Japanese meal.​
Using the highest quality ingredients we aim to deliver healthy and balanced meals. You will be sure to taste the difference in freshness of our sushi and notice the extra care taken with the construction of our speciality bento boxes. Our food aims to delight the senses while nourishing the body. 

“ Every bite takes you home ”

From his humble beginnings as a child inspired to become a chef through a food documentary, to his impressive postings as a chef in an international hotel and several famous Suntory restaurants, Hiroshi Shimizu has become a kaiseki master chef with over 38 years of experience.


His own revolutionary style of modern kaiseki cooking combines his knowledge of local seasonal produce with his understanding of other culinary cultures. But it is his belief that cooking should be made from the heart rather than with technique that truly distinguishes Hiroshi’s cooking.

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